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Cookies In Bloom: Lafayette
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The Outdoorsman
Community Coffee, Tabasco sauce, Pig Stand Bar B-Que Sauce, Red Beans, Dirty Rice Mix, Tabasco Pepper Jelly, Tony Chanchere's Seasonings, Richard's Roux, Zatarain's Jambalaya Mix and Steen's pure cane syrup. Comes in this curio pirogue. Perfect for the camp. $99.99

Summer Barbeque
The perfect summertime treat as a thank you, a centerpiece or just thinking of you.

Cajun Style
Louisiana Hot Sauce, Tobasco, Pepper Jelly, Red Beans, Tony Chashere's Seasoning, Steen's Pure Cane Syrup, Communitiy Coffee. $55.00

Have I Toad You Happy Birthday?
Send a brightly colored birthday gift to that special someone. Our whimsical toad cookies are really cute!

Heart Shaped Picture Cookie
Get this edible heart-shaped picture cookie for your special some one.  The picture is printed onto the cookie and with pink icing it makes it perfect for that little performer in your heart.

Photo Imaging
A picture is worth a thousand words!  What a memorable cookie when your personalized photo is atop one of our delicious Cookies In Bloom cookies! $ 10.00 each

Thank You!
What a pretty and delicious way to say thank you. Our bright neon flowers will be appreciated and enjoyed by anyone. The dot melamine container can be enjoyed for a long time.

If the Shoe Fits!
For the shoe fanatic in your life, get them a wonderfully creative and delicious arrangement with shoe cookies and purse cookies. A gift she will not soon forget!

New Orleans Saints
The New Orleans Saints are on their way to the Superbowl. Order this delicious and decorative basket for your #1 Saints fan or as a great centerpiece for your Superbowl Game!

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Shopaholic Cake Girl Birthday Cake Girl Castle Cake
Old Dinosaur Cake Balloon Birthday Cake  
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Baby Shower Cake You Did It: Graduation Easter Bunny Cake
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Simply Elegant Cake Romantic Cake Louisiana Boil Cake
Elegant Evening Cake Modern Night Cake Spring Wedding Cake
Tropical Wedding Cake    

Baby Shower Gifts
Girl Diaper Wreath Noah's Ark Picture Frame Daddy's Tool Belt
Boy Gift Set: Large Girl Gift Set: Large Pink Teddy Bear
Blue Teddy Bear Baby Gift Sets: Medium Baby Shower Cake
Baby Zoo Baby Cookie Arrangement  

Ballet & Dance Recital Arrangements
Ballerina Arrangement Ballerina Arrangement Ballerina Arrangement
Ballerina Arrangement Ballerina Recital
Ballerina Arrangement
Ballerina Arrangement Ballerina Arrangement Dance Recital

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